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Privacy policy

This privacy policy governs the collection, communication and use of personal information by Pronature Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Pronature”). It also governs non-personal information collected through our website.


This policy applies to personal information as defined in the Personal Information Protection Act applicable to the private sector, which means any information about an individual that can be used to identify them.

Note that Pronature locations are equipped with video surveillance cameras for prevention and security purposes.

Collection of Personal Information

Pronature may ask you for personal information in any of the following cases:

  • When you browse our website (See this policy for further information about browsing our website)
  • During a contest held by Pronature
  • During a survey conducted by Pronature to which you agree to participate
  • When you communicate with us

Depending on the applicable situation, you may be asked for the following personal information, in particular, your first and last names, address, postal code, phone number, email address and a piece of identity.

You may also request information on our website, share your comments and suggestions, view the flyer, subscribe to a newsletter, respond to surveys or enter contests, or even apply for a job at Pronature. You may be asked for the following personal information in these transactions: Your first and last names, mailing address, postal code, phone number, email address, date of birth (month and day), whether you own or rent a home, your favourite departments at Pronature, your education and professional experience, and your professional interests.

Use of Personal Information

Pronature uses the personal information collected for the following purposes, in particular:

  • To prevent fraud and errors
  • To provide you with personalized services as well as to perform these services in a consistent and complete manner
  • To help you communicate and visit with us
  • To offer you services and support
  • To ensure your satisfaction and follow up on requests
  • To improve your buying experience as well as our product and service offering
  • To establish and maintain healthy business relationships as well as healthy relationships with our customers
  • When you agree to, or obtain information about our products, services, and promotional offers, as well as the best way for you to benefit from them
  • To establish statistics, but these statistics will not contain any information to identify you
  • To help us comply with applicable laws

Personal information collected will be used only for the purposes mentioned above or for purposes more specifically mentioned at the time when you have to provide the personal information. Rest assured that personal information collected on the website will not be automatically used to send you special offers or any other marketing communication, unless you were informed as such at the time you provided this personal information on our website, if you are subscribed to our newsletter. In this last case, note that you can always withdraw your consent to receive information, special offers or any other marketing communication. Just click the “unsubscribe” link found in all information sent by Pronature. You will then have the option to be removed from a specific mailing list or from all of Pronature’s mailing lists and newsletters.

Communication of Personal Information

Pronature will not share your personal information with third parties, unless you have previously consented to it or that you expressly request it. Whichever the case, you will be informed of such communication.

Agents and Third Parties

Pronature may offer certain products and services that are provided by agents and third parties. As part of our service offering, it may happen that your personal information must be shared with these third parties so that they may perform their duties consistently.

If Pronature merges with another company, if Pronature sells all or part of its assets to another company, or if Pronature request financing, the personal information in its possession may be communicated with the merging company, the purchasing company or the lending company, whichever the case. This personal information will be used in compliance with this policy.

Note that personal information held by Pronature may be shared in connection with a search warrant, investigation or other proceedings under a statute or a court order. This information may also be shared with an investigating body in relation to a breach of an agreement or a violation of the law. This information may also be shared when required by law.

Withdrawing Consent

You may withdraw your consent for Pronature to use or share your personal information, at any time. Please send your consent withdrawal request in writing to the following email address: Please note that we may then require proof of identity to help us identify you.

You must be aware that withdrawing your consent to use or to communicate some or all of your personal information may lead to, in some cases, our inability to provide you with one or more products or services.

Access to Personal Information About You

You may access personal information about you that is in Pronature’s possession. You may also request for it to be corrected or updated if it is necessary. These requests must be sent in writing to the following email address: Note that we may then require an identification document or any other appropriate method of identification to ensure that the request is being made by the right person, that the personal information requested is communicated to the right person or even that the requested corrections to be made are accurate.


For any questions relating to privacy, please write to us at the following address:

Information Collected Through Our Website

Pronature collects, through its website, information about the pages visited on this site, the URL addresses used on this same site, the kind of browser used and the internet protocol address (IP address). Cookies or other analysis technologies collect most of this data.

Our website pages use cookies and web beacons. This data is collected through our website to provide us information about our website’ use, performance, and efficiency. This non-personal information helps us to improve the content and use of our website as well as to collect information about our customers’ browsing habits.


A cookie is a small data file transmitted by a website to the browser you use to view our site. Cookies are shared when you view our site, request or personalize information, or even when you sign up for certain services through our website. Cookies are kept in your browser’s cache. Cookies do not share personal information with our website. In general, there are “session” cookies and “permanent” cookies.

“Session” cookies do not remain on your computer when you leave our site or when you close your browser. The information collected helps us analyze viewing habits on our website. This helps us, in particular, to improve our website’s content, to adapt it and simplify its use.

“Permanent” cookies are those that remain on your computer. They help to simplify personalization and recording services. In particular, cookies provide us information about what you choose to look at when you visit our website. “Permanent” cookies can be removed manually by the user.

Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can refuse or limit their acceptance by modifying your browser’s preferences. If you refuse them, some of our site’s features may not function properly and some pages may not properly display. We invite you to check your browser’s options for more information about using and deactivating cookies.

Web Beacons

Electronic newsletters in HTML format use web beacons in addition to cookies to generate statistics on the use of websites. A web beacon is an electronic image called a mono-pixel (1 x 1) or transparent GIF. They can recognize some kinds of information on a visitor’s computer, such as the visitor’s cookie number, the time and date a page was viewed and a description of the page upon which the web beacon was found. You can deactivate some web beacons by rejecting the cookies associated with them.


Pronature is committed to protecting the personal information you communicate with us. In order to prevent any unauthorized access or dissemination and to ensure the information is used appropriately, Pronature has implemented physical, electronic and human procedures to secure the information collected. Pronature will keep your personal information only for the duration required for the purposes for which it was collected.


Tips and advice posted on the website are provided only for informational purposes and Pronature cannot be held liable for results that differ from those provided in such postings.


This policy, as well as Pronature’s Terms of Use, may be modified by Pronature at any time. The modifications will be posted on the website.