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Chasse au dindon sauvage : Quoi faire avant, pendant et après la chasse

Wild turkey hunting : What to do before, during and after hunting

Wild turkeys are becoming more common in Québec. They are hunted in the spring and fall, in specific zones.


What to do before, during and after hunting

Before hunting

  • If you are a resident of Québec and wish to begin hunting wild turkey, you must obtain an attestation of training before purchasing your hunting licence. In Québec, the training is offered by the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et pêcheurs (1 888 523-2863 or attestation de formation
  • Choose the site at which you wish to hunt and obtain the necessary permission if you will be hunting on private land that does not belong to you.
  • Identify the hunting zone in which your site is located, and the applicable hunting dates.
  • Purchase your wild turkey hunting licence for the season in which you wish to hunt (spring or fall).
  • Be aware of the ban on wild turkey baiting and the rules applicable to hunting in locations close to bait sites used for other purposes.
  • Read the rules concerning the use of a dog to hunt wild turkey in the fall.
  • Review the rules applicable to the handling, use and transportation of your weapon.
  • Read and make sure you understand the general rules and special rules.

During hunting

Comply with the rules respecting:

  • The hunting licence, including:
    • Carrying your attestation stating that you have successfully completed the wild turkey hunting training course, unless your licence is an introductory licence.
    • Carrying your licence for the current season (spring or fall) with you and a photo ID, issued by a government or a public body.
    • Sharing your wild turkey hunting licence with a young hunter.
  • The times when hunting is permitted.
  • The types of weapons and ammunition that may be used, and how they must be handled and transported.
  • The restrictions applicable to certain hunting gear (sound amplifiers, etc.).
  • The rules concerning wild turkey baiting.
  • Identifying your game animal before harvesting it (bearded turkey in spring, bearded or beardless turkey in the fall).
  • Firing from a public road.
  • The safety and handling of your weapon, and firing safety (do not endanger other hunters).
  • Bag limits.

After the kill

  • If necessary, follow the rules for locating an injured game animal.
  • If you kill an animal illegally (by accident or by mistake), follow the applicable rules.
  • When you have found the dead animal, attach the required transportation coupon. If you are a young hunter and are hunting under an adult’s licence, you must also comply with the rules that are specific to this situation.
  • Transport your weapon in accordance with the rules (empty, in a closed case, etc.).
  • Collect and eliminate your garbage properly (empty cartridges, waste from meals, etc.).
  • Register your game online or by taking the whole animal, eviscerated or not, to a registration station within 48 hours of leaving the hunting area.
  • Leave the transportation coupon on the carcass until it is cut up or placed in storage. 


Text from the Government of Quebec website.
Photo credit: Avian X

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