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"Checked style"Seal fur boots - Youth’’s

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Color: Black
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Model : LE201L-PN

Specifications and composition :

  • Recommended for : 
    • All winter outings in cold weather
    • Snowmobile
    • Ice fishing
  • Unisex real fur boots
  • Injected polyurethane sole
  • Porous microscopic membrane allowing evaporation of perspiration vapors and preventing humidity from entering.
  • Removable inner felts
  • Insoles with insulating air chambers
  • Fake sole made of plastozote.
  • Neither left nor right, the boots are shaped to the feet of the person


Also good to know...

  • Maintenance :
    • Avoid any repetitive rubbing on the fur to prevent its wear
    • Dry boots and felts properly after each use. Do not dry near a heat source
    • Gently clean in clean snow or with a damp cloth if needed.
    • Although the sea bass lives in water, our boots are designed for snow.