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L’enregistrement du gibier

Register game

Steps to follow to declare your animal: 

  1. 1. Check if your animal is one that must be declared.
    1. White-tailed deer
    2. Moose
    3. Black bear
    4. Wild turkey
  1. 2. If so, you must register the animal within 48 hours of your departure from the hunting site.
  1. 3. You must register your game before going to the butcher shop


  1. How to register your game?
    You can choose from two options.

  1. 1. Go in person to a registration station

          In person registration through an MFFP delegate is still possible if you prefer this option, if you do not have internet access or if you need to register a white-tailed deer harvested on Anticosti Island.  The usual $7.17 registration fee must be paid in this case, since it is a service provided by a business.


At the registration station, you must:

  • Declare the type of weapon and, where applicable, the calibre of the firearm used, along with, the registration plate number of the vehicle used to transport the carcass;
  • Allow  the transportation coupons to be punched;
  • Allow  the antlers to be marked if the animal is a male  moose;
  • Present the animal in accordance with the instructions shown in the section of the transportation rules specific to each species;
  • Present the licences from which the additional transportation coupons were taken and attached to the animal;
  • Pay the $7.17 fee (for the service provided by the business).


See the list of open registration stations :


      2.Complete the online form

           Online registration allows you to register your game without having to traval. This government is compulsory for some species. This service is free for the 2021 hunting season and is also offered in french. 


Relevant link to find all this information:





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