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Petit rappel pour nos chasseurs à l’arbalète!

Reminders to crossbow hunters!

Regulatory amendment 


Recently, the Quebec Government has issued new regulations on crossbow safe transport.

Actually, if you are on board a vehicle (truck, coast vehicle, all terrain vehicle ) it is prohibited to be in possession of an armed crossbow with or without an arrow in the bolt.


Additionally,  even on foot, the crossbow string must not be armed, meaning engaged in the firing mechanism even if the ramp does not contain an arrow.



From now on, one must be at his hunting camp site to arm  the crossbow.


Incidence for not following regulations

If a game warden or peace officer catches you with an armed crossbow during a trip. you will be fined a minimum of $500. plus related expenses and your crossbow could be seized.



We have 3 solutions to help you arm your crossbow directly on site :

1.  Buy a crossbow decocking bolt (see the product);

2.  Unload your crossbow with an unload rope (see the product);

3.  Shoot a practice arrow into a crossbow bag (perfect size for transport) (see the product).



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