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Présentation des leurres ATTAK

Introducing ATTAK lures

Introducing the new ATTAK range of lures!

The Leurre Juste team is proud to have taken part in the development and field-testing of the ATTAK soft lures, a range that shows great promise. Now that we have the final product in hand, there's no doubt in our minds that these lures will be catching a lot of fish for anglers in 2024 and beyond. The end result is very satisfying. What's more, its lower retail price than most soft lures will not go unnoticed by anglers.


ATTAK Ballistic Grub              

The Grub is still one of the most popular soft lures among anglers. The Ballistique Grub is particularly interesting because of its thin yet wide tail. This gives it a very nice action, it brings it to life! It is available in two sizes, 3''1/2 and 4''1/2, and in 9 colors.


In its 3''1/2 version, the Ballistique Grub is a very interesting finesse grub for days when the fish aren't hungry. Its small profile and smooth tail action make it a good soft lure for difficult conditions. Even at low speed, it retains an action attractive to walleyes. These characteristics make the Ballistique Grub 3''1/2 an excellent soft lure to use as a dropshot to outwit walleyes and bass in the presence of currents, i.e. in rivers.


In a slightly larger version, the 4''1/2 is your classic grub!  A soft, all-purpose lure mounted on a jig head for walleye fishing in all kinds of situations. Some anglers like to add an earthworm, although it's absolutely not necessary.

Unknown to many anglers, simply swimming a grub like the Ballistique Grub mounted on a jig head without giving it any more action is a productive method for outwitting smallmouth bass.

Suggested rigs:



 ATTAK Submarine Swimbait                   

The family of soft lures known as swimbaits is undoubtedly the type of lure that has experienced the strongest growth in popularity over the last 15 years. And with good reason; in terms of shape, profile and underwater action, these lures resemble the small fish that most predators feed on daily. During our field tests with the Submarine Swimbait prototype, it only took a few seconds to catch the first walleye. We already knew we had an excellent lure on hand. The water movements caused by its round tail are easily spotted by the lateral line of the fish. The Submarine Swimbait is available in two sizes, 3''1/4 and 5'', and in 8 colors.


In its short version, the Submarine Swimbait is about the size of the small fish most often found in walleye stomachs! It can be fished with a horizontal jig ( spinning) as well as a vertical jig to catch walleye with regularity. This lure will please both wading and boat anglers. In addition to walleye, predators such as bass, pike and lake trout will be fooled by this versatile lure.


Looking for BIG fish?  As we say in Shakespeare's language: "Big bait, big fish!"  When fish activity levels are good, using larger lures can often catch even bigger fish. That's where the 5'' Submarine Swimbait comes in, and could have you catching your biggest fish of the season in species like walleye, bass, pike or lake trout!

Suggested rig : 


 ATTAK Torpille Twintail      

I'd like to share a little anecdote with you. I didn't expect much from this lure. I thought, bof, another soft lure with a forked tail like there are so many on the market. I was in for a surprise. When I opened the box and saw the lures, my first thought was "Oh ok, we're serious here!". Their overall look, the very judicious choice of colors, their flexibility; I must admit... indifference was soon replaced with enthusiasm! This is a very interesting and versatile lure that's sure to please the fish. The Torpille Twintail is available in two sizes: 3''1/2 and 4''1/2.


Perfect for mounting on a jig head and working vertically, this lure will undeniably take its share of walleyes. Still on a vertical jig in clear water, it should also be very good at tricking lake trout. Its slim profile and size also make it a perfect dropshot lure for species such as walleye and smallmouth bass.


The larger version of this lure will be just as effective on vertical jigs for walleye and lake trout as its smaller brother. It will be appreciated by anglers who target larger fish. For species like pike and bass that like to move through vegetation, a Torpille Twintail mounted anti-weed (Texas) with a weighted hook will attract the wrath of these predators.

Suggested rigs:


ATTAK Naval Stickbait                

In 1996, Japanese-American Gary Yamamoto changed the face of bass fishing forever. He introduced a brand-new soft lure: the Senko!  This lure revolutionized the world of bass fishing thanks to its remarkable effectiveness. Even today, regardless of the brand used, anglers call this type of lure "senkos". ATTAK follows suit with the Naval Stickbait.

The Naval Stickbait is 5" long and comes in six colors. Made from durable plastic and enhanced with a judicious dose of salt, this lure has an almost magical action when free-falling to the bottom. It's hard for bass to resist!  Most of the time, a wacky rig is recommended. In the presence of vegetation, the wise angler will instead use the anti-weed rig (texas) to fool the burly bass that live in this environment.

Suggested rigs :



ATTAK Roquette Grub            

The quality of artificial lures, their resemblance to real prey and their often impressive action mean that, more and more, we can do without using earthworms and not have to live with all the inconveniences that comes with it. To date, only one exception remained; I had been unable to find a soft lure to replace an earthworm when fishing with a harness behind a bottom walker. Some lures were interesting, but only occasionally effective. When the folks at ProNature asked us if there was a soft lure that wasn't on the market that we'd like to be able to fish, I immediately thought of this missing link. Well... we've got it!

The Roquette Grub is slender and long. Its tail undulates horizontally and finely; it's really a superb action. It's hard to tell just by looking at a photo, but when you see it swimming underwater... you get the idea!  When I tested the prototype, every time I passed the area where the walleyes had been found, I made a capture. It worked like a charm! The Roquette Grub was simply mounted on a hook 5 feet behind the bottom walker and made more catches than the harness fitted with an earthworm. I had chosen the all-black model, which was meant to be a very nice imitation of a live leech. In other words... at the risk of repeating myself... we've got it!

The Roquette Grub can also be fished with a vertical and horizontal jig for walleye and lake trout, with the same "magnetic" action. This lure, thanks to its slender shape and swimming action, will be just as productive mounted dropshot for species such as bass and walleye.

All in all, the Roquette Grub is going to be the bomb...!

Suggested rigs:


Translation by Myriam Gagné.

Original author Daniel Robitaille, Leurre Juste.

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