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Trapper l'ours noir avec succès, les secrets de Lyne Bélanger

Successfully trap the black bear, the secrets of Lyne Bélanger

Already wide awake from their long hibernation, the black bears are quietly returning to their ease in the forest. If hikers adorn themselves with bells until they resemble a Christmas tree to avoid being surprised by a black bear on their path, others enjoy observing them from afar. Playful, imposing, gluttonous; they often offer a beautiful spectacle.


The black bear, a large beast with multiple assets: some admire them, some hunt them, others trap them. This is the case of Lyne Bélanger, an avid trapper who has refined her techniques over the years. She gives you her best tips in this video clip, in which you can visit her facilities and learn more about the trap.


(Video in french only)

Black bears to chase away hunger!

Are you familiar with the Chasseurs Généreux provincial game meat donation program? If the answer is no, go to! The FédéCP is proud to announce that as soon as hunting and trapping opens this spring, donations of black bear meat will be accepted in the program. This venison is added to moose and white-tailed deer meat.


To find a certified debiting center that accepts black bears in your region, visit the website


The black bear, the fruits of the harvest

Are you planning to harvest a bear this year!?


The FédéCP and the Fédération des trappeurs gestion du Québec (FTGQ) are proud to come together to present a video highlighting the black bear, a large game animal mainly harvested for its fur and meat.


This tutorial, in its full version (17 minutes), will teach you how to get the most out of your harvest, exploring all the ways to benefit from it: venison, fur, claws, teeth, baculum, skull and fat.


The black bear, from harvest to plate

For those who wish to stick to learning black bear cutting techniques, a short version of the video has been provided for this purpose. The black bear, from harvest to plate (10 minutes), will allow you to acquire the autonomy necessary to collect the skin and venison yourself in the simplest way possible.

 (Video in french only)


"Every year, the number of hunters obtaining a black bear hunting license increases. The venison of this game, previously often ignored, is gaining popularity; more and more families are adding it to the menu, with right. Black bear is delicious in every way!


The FédéCP has also published a recipe book dedicated to the black bear (in french only) available free of charge on its website.


Attention ! No chocolate on the menu for the black bear...

As the black bear hunting season approaches, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks would like to remind you of the importance of not baiting bears with chocolate since theobromine causes them to have heart attacks which are generally fatal to them.


Chocolate is currently banned in various American states including New Hampshire.


Traduction by Myriam Gagné.

Original autor Lyne Bélanger for SÉPAQ.

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