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Canard laqué et salade au kimchi

Peking duck and kimchi salad


*Serving 2
*Preparation time 20 minutes
*Cooking time 2h15


Ingredients :


1 orange sliced into heights
4 star anise
1 whole duck with skin
sufficient water


Lacquer :

125 ml (1/2 cup) hoisin sauce
60 ml (1/4) cup) honey
5 ml (1 tps) chinese fice spices

Salad :

250 ml (1 cup) minced kimchi
250 ml ( 1 cup) julienne carots
1 cucumber julienne style
1/2 minced chinese cabbage
bunch of chopped cilantro
60 ml (1/4 cup) rice vinegar


Place orange pieces and star anise into duck cavity
In large saucepan, place a plate upside down and place duck on top
Add some water in saucepan. Duck should barely touch the water
Cover and simmer for 1h30. Check water a few times and add some if necessary
At the end of steam cooking, remove duck and place on a grid. Cool duck in the fridge.

Prepare lacquer :

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients.Prepare lacquer


Prepare the salad :

In a bowl, place vegetables and cilantro, add rice vinegar and mix
Preheat oven at 160C (325F)
Brush lacker on duck
Put in oven anf cook for 40 minutes. Brush duck frequently during cooking
Serve on salad or on small asian style pancakes

Stephane Modat, chef du restaurant Le Clan

This recipe is from the cookbook Cuisine de Chasse, available at Archambault.

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