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Free delivery on order over $74 CA*!
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Pronature Dealer - Nord-Sélect

At Distribution Nord-Sélect, Matagami Pronature merchant, we are very proud of our region and we supply a large territory.  With our hunting and fishing product offers, our priority is our clients' satisfaction.  Repairs can be done on the spot by our gunsmith.

The city of Matagami recognized by the ministry of transport as a  village-relais is a  link between north and south.  If you keep on driving in the country, you might gradually notice the changes in the vegetation, less and less leafy trees but more eskers and rivers,  With each kilometer driven,you will get closer to the northern region and then witness the daylight changes.

In the region,the small watercourses will eventually turn into magnificient rivers and will finally end up in the Matagami lake.  In these gorgeous surroundings, the outdoor lover will find plenty of wild spaces to put up is camping tent

Our specialized people are waiting for you in store to pass on their passion and help you with your purchases for your next outdoor activities. While in Matagami, visit Distribution Nord-Select, Pronature merchant, located at 4, Nottaway street.  Welcome in our store, serving you will be our greatest pleasure.

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