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Free shipping on orders over $99 CA*

Pronature Merchant - Albert's Sports and Workwear

Albert's sports and workwear in Timmins, Ontario started as a second-hand clothing store to finally become a reference in its region in workwear and hunting and fishing equipment for the last 60 years.  The actual owner, Chantal Cauchon, is most certainly a key personnality in her city. Mother of two daughters and grand-mother to a grand-daughter, she appreciates more than anything being on the water with her family and  give free rein to her passion for fishing. Lakes and watercourses are in great numbers and offer many opportunities. Chantal discovered her passion for fishing, one day, when she decided to participate in one of the tournaments she was sponsoring.  She proposed to her sporting goods department's manager to team up with her in one of the tournament....and there it is, she was hooked for good.

It comes as no surprise when you visit her store to find such a passionate team.  Chantal is a motivated and energetic woman and knows how to instill her team with the necessity to have a good sense of humour and put away any inconveniences. At Albert's sports and workwear, we love contact with the public.  Thus Chantal is implicated as much as possible in the Timmins community,  taking part  in local events mostly with donation to citizens in needs.

Our specialized people are waiting for you in store to pass on their passion and help you with your purchases for your next outdoor activities.

When you visit Timmins, stop at Albert's sports and workwear located at 822 Riverside Drive. 

Serving you will be our greatest pleasure.


822 Riverside Dr,
Timmins, ON
P4N 3W1

(705) 264-8189

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