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Pronature Dealer - Windsor Chasse & Pêche

Les Gars de Bois originates from a friendship. We are four childhood friends passionate about sharing our passion and our love of nature, as well as the adventure it can provide.

Being born very close to each other, our parents introduced us all, very young, to the pleasure of the outdoors and practicing all the activities that relate to it.

We are now four fathers, transmitting to both our children and our community, the values and the importance of living in harmony and protecting our beautiful nature. We remain fully aware of its precariousness, but also the great strength it creates in us.

Les Gars de Bois are defined by the unwavering desire to develop everyone's potential to the maximum, while highlighting our strengths for our beautiful friendship and our way of life created around a campfire.

We have many shared passions: camping, fishing, deer, moose and turkey hunting. We practice them every year and we love discussing them with our friends and clients whenever we have the opportunity. All good reasons to get together and benefit from each other’s expertise!

We certainly have great expertise with deer and turkey hunting, since we know our territory perfectly. In addition, our field team allows us to obtain information every year to carry out dream hunts!

In a way, we work by discussing our passions and in our free time, we go on adventures to create new stories!

When a person enters our stores they can expect to meet a team who listens to their needs. The goal is not to sell, but to meet people and offer everyone what they need while building a trusting relationship with our visitors.

Our team shares the same values with all new employees. We work together to develop our listening skills in order to respond to everyone's needs, with deep respect for the journey of all Filles et Gars de Bois.

Whether on a body of water, camping or in the forest, we are committed to remaining proud ambassadors for the promotion of a lifestyle that promotes harmony with nature and the benefits associated with it.

We are involved locally in the education sector with our high school foundation and we participate in many charitable events to fund our hospital and several other community organizations. We are hockey and volleyball coaches, show directors and act as hosts for several events in our regions.

Our three stores are located in the most magnificent of regions, the Cantons-de-l’Est: a paradise for deer, wild turkey and magnificent mountains known for the panoramic beauty of their peaks.

While passing through the Cantons-de-l’Est, stop at your Pronature Windsor dealer at 12, route 249. Serving you will be our pleasure!

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