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Free delivery on order over $74 CA*!
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Depthking Downrigger

by Scotty
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Model : SCO-1060

Ideal for the small boat that fishes deep and needs a high speed retrieve.

Specifications and composition

  • Downrigger Boom Length : 23″ stainless steel boom.
  • Downrigger Boom Diameter : 3/4″.
  • Rod Holder Interior Diameter : 1.85″.

Also good to know...

  • Includes a high speed 2 ft. per turn of the spool. 23″ long, ¾” diameter boom.
  • Spray protected positive-drive depth counter.
  • Boom mounted adjustable 355 RodmasterII Rod Includes 1010 Quick-Slide Deck Mounting Bracket.
  • Clutch brake with the largest braking surface in the industry.