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Free delivery on order over $74 CA*!
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"E55" Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent

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Model : E552CHRCA

Specifications and composition :

  • Recommended for : 
    • Keeps mosquitoes away
  • Charge indicator, lets you know how much run time is left 5.5+ hours per charge

  • Long lasting refills keep you protected u A single long-lasting refill cartridge (up to 40 hours available) can last the entire season (12 hours included)

  • Scent-free, no smoke, no mess

  • Unlike candles or torches, our advanced repellent is scent free, and there's no mess or smoke either, so you can enjoy the outdoors without chemical sprays on your skin or clothing

  • Unbeatable area protection u provides 20-ft (6-m) zone of protection to fight even the toughest mosquitoes on earth, allow 15 minutes for maximum protection

  • Repels tough mosquitoes that may transmit encephalitis and west Nile virus

  • Intelligent, advanced technology, rechargeable and intuitive, one button controls the E-series E55

  • Contents :
    • 1 rechargeable repeller with a built in Li-ion rechargeable battery
    • 1 12-hour repellent refill cartridge
    • 1 USB charging cable

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