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Mechanical broad head sharpening system

by Smiths
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Model :  50496

Introducing the new Mechanical Broadhead Sharpening System design specifically for the archery retail category. 

The new sharpening system is the first of its kind on the market today and will actually sharpen fixed broadheads as well.

Specifications and composition :

  • Recommended for :
    • Hunting
  • Contains all the tools you need to disassemble, sharpen and re-assemble a mechanical broadhead. 
  • Includes a multi-blade wrench for loosening and tightening the broadhead onto your arrow and a broadhead mount in the bottom of the system to mount your broadhead during assembly or disassembly. 
  • Includes a jig to hold the loose blades of the mechanical broadhead during sharpening.
  • A 4” X 1 ⅝ Natural Arkansas Sharpening Stone is used for sharpening the blades of either the mechanical broadhead or a fixed-blade broadhead. The Natural Arkansas Sharpening Stone will actually polish and hone the razor’s edge at the same time. No other sharpening products could perform both of these functions simultaneously.
  • Other features of the Mechanical Broadhead Sharpening System include 6 different size tool bits, magnetic strip in the bottom of the tray to hold small pieces and avoid loss of parts, plastic storage container, and slide locking mechanism.
  • The Mechanical Broadhead Sharpening System allows you to store everything you need in one place.